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On-site staffing coordinator is also known as a "Vendor On Premise" or VOP program. Acting as an extension of your HR department, an on-site coordinator can streamline your staffing function by increasing efficiency, reducing headaches, ensuring safety and managing other employment-related functions for your temporary staff.

But how do you know if you need one? The truth is, it depends.  If your organization is considering adding this service, the following questions will help you evaluate your needs:

Do you spend a lot of time on the administrative aspects of staffing?  If you manage a large group of temporary employees, then you know how much time and resources you have to devote to the process.  A staffing coordinator can save you a lot of headaches and help you stay focused on your core priorities by:
  • Handling scheduling to ensure departments are adequately staffed
  • Managing time cards and payroll
  • Providing detailed, customized reports on your staffing usage, including COS analysis, attendance and tardiness
  • Resolving other administrative issues as they arise
Do your staffing needs vary throughout the year? A VOP can help you evaluate and anticipate your personnel to adequately staff both peak and non-peak periods.  When your needs change, they can handle worker reassignment for you.

Would you like to do more to improve the efficiency of your temporaries, but don’t have time? One of our on-site staffing coordinator’s chief functions is to make your contingent workforce as productive and efficient as possible.  To that end, they will:
  • Handle the daily employment of temporary workers, making sure they’re on-task as soon as possible
  • Make daily rounds to ensure contingent workers stay productive
  • Manage issues that may compromise productivity, such as temporary employee conflicts or safety issues
  • Recruit and orientate new temporary employees as needed, to prevent gaps in your workforce
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