EMPLOYER - Staffing Services


  • Reduce Staffing Expense
  • Protect your Worker’s Comp Rate
  • Try Out Employees Before Hiring Them
  • Build a More Flexible Workforce
Work-Force Solutions, Inc. payroll accommodations program allows you to select candidates and determine the salary that meets your specific requirements.

Since the recruiting piece of the placement would be left to the client, Work-Force Solutions, Inc. is able to supply this option at a lower fee.

Our payroll accommodation can reduce staffing expenditures and related personnel cost of:
  • Fringe Benefits
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Workers Compensation
Simply refer your candidates to our local office for employment processing and they will be paid weekly through Work-Force Solutions, Inc.   We can also arrange to pick up time cards and deliver payroll checks to your company on an as-needed basis.  You will be invoiced weekly and provided with a monthly management report that will track your payroll expenditures.

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