EMPLOYER - Staffing Services


Evaluate the Selected Candidate in Actual Work Conditions
  • Avoid costly separation and potential pitigation
  • Selected candidate remains on our payroll – you commit when you are ready
  • Seamless transition from our payroll to yours
For organization seeking the ultimate in control and cost-effective staffing strategies, we offer the Sensible Hire Program.  Combining the speed and flexibility of our temporary staffing services with the power of our direct hire recruitment service, we deliver an optimal blend of the best Work-Force Solutions, extensive staffing capabilities.

We immediately dispatch any number of perfectly matched candidates.  You simply chose the best fit and put them directly to work, secure in the knowledge that you will have an opportunity to evaluate the individual’s long-term impact on your organization in a real-time, on-the-job environment.  After an arranged evaluation period, you have the option of bringing the individual into your organization in full time capacity.  The convenience of real-time evaluation combined with highly cost-effective liquidation makes Work-Force Solutions, Inc. the sensible solution to your staffing requirements.

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